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Graphiorra is a collection of fellow web and graphic designers who love creating high quality resources at affordable prices or free. We started off just like you, going from one overpriced site to another, trying to find basic components to enhance our designs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any site that met our exacting standards. And that’s not an exaggeration. So, we created Pixelll for those of you who want to jumpstart your project without spending an arm and leg, or compromising on quality.

This site is all about sharing our passion and knowledge with you. So feel free to look around and you might find useful stuff for your projects.

Oh, and by the way, we’re friendly. Send us an email, tweet us on Twitter, follow us on Facebook – we won’t bite. We’d love to hear from you. And we’d love it if you tell others about us. It gives us hope in the goodness of humanity.


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Meet The Team

Meet the team and know what they do and love!

S.R Shemul

Founder, CEO & Lead Designer

The laziest person of the team. But loves to travel. When he sees in nature, he starts photoshopping in his head. Lives & breathes in Pixelll

J. Hasan.

Lead Designer

The fashionable guy of the team. Loves to match pixel to pixel as well as shirt to pant to shoe to hair style and so on.

Israt J.

Support Manager

The crafter, photographer and blogger. She loves cooking to photograph them, not to eat. Loves and wants to travel all of her life.


Backend Developer

Full stack wordpress developer. He drops his jaw all the time with little things. Loves music and solving code errors. An awesome guy made of code.

Ns. Tuhin.

Frontend Developer

The technical guy and sharp speaker. Wants to date a girl but didn’t find his perfect one yet. If you know anyone with technical skill, please let us know.

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