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6 Pitfalls You Must Avoid to Have a Professional Resume

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Rejected Resume

Nowadays, applying for a job is no longer a strange concept for us. Although it is only the starting point, if you show that you are an inexperienced and careless person in your resume, don’t ask why the starting point is the end. The article will present common mistakes you shouldn’t make when creating your resume to get the best result.

Some Pitfalls Put Bad Impression in the Eyes of Employers

A striking resume should have both content and format. You can have eye-catching templates with epic work experience, yet you will still be eliminated if you commit the following basic errors:

1. Too Long

Writing a too-long resume is unnecessary, which can result in losing points in the eyes of employers. Unless you are a professor or entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience working at different companies and projects, your resume can’t be as long as 2 – 3 pages of A4.

As for a fourth-year student or newly graduated, you can completely encapsulate all your experience and qualifications on an A4 page.

2. The Objective Section is Unrelated to the Other Parts of the Resume

You should know that employers only take 5 – 10 seconds to glance at your resume, so you do not need to write a long paragraph describing yourself and your future goals.

That means you spend more time focusing on the rest of your resume.

3. Put too Much Personal Information

You should not include private information. You only need to show the employer your knowledge and experience instead of distracting information.

4. Lack of Important Points

As mentioned above, employers spend time reading a huge load of different resumes, so no one will have time to read and refine every main idea of ​​your resume.

Therefore, let’s avoid writing long lines like an essay. You should use single sentences or even list the main ideas.

Often the focus of your resume will be on your Education, Experience, Skills, and especially your language skills. You need to know where you excel and take it to the most visible area of ​​the resume.

5. Unprofessional Email Address

It’s wise to discard a non-serious email name. Employers will underestimate such naive, childish, unprofessional email addresses.

Instead, you can create an email with the syntax like Fullname@domain.com or Firstname.LastName@domain.com.

6. Choosing Unprofessional Available Resume Templates 

On the market has so many providers of resume template that you can freely choose. However, not all resume templates are professional enough and make a good impression on interviewers. You can refer to a collection of meticulously designed resume templates on Graphiorra. The designs are very elegant, focusing on the important points. They will help you create a good impression with employers right at first sight.

Above all, you won’t need to worry about the cost because Graphiorra offers free resume templates and lots of other services at affordable prices. Putting consumer interests first, the company has collaborated with CouponUpto in providing exclusive deals and discount codes that allow you to use quality services at a low cost. Let’s take advantage of this year’s big discount occasion to optimize your buying experience!

What Should You Do When You Find a Mistake in Your Resume After Sending Mail?

There is a simple way for you to correct your mistakes and easily return to the race. Here’s how:

1. Keep Calm

First of all, encourage yourself, calm down and be confident to find a solution. It is important to remember that mistakes are unavoidable both in your job search and when you start working.

2. Find the Right Contact

Try to find out who is the resume approver. Maybe the HR department has an email address you can send questions to or you can find the recruiter’s email address.

Then, continue to submit your newly updated resume. 

Send them a new email with the content such as:


I am very happy to apply for [position] at [company]. However, I realized I had sent the wrong resume. Can I update my profile with the correct information?

Thank you very much and sorry for the confusion!

[Your name]”

3. Let It Go

This advice only applies to situations where your mistake is not serious. There may be times when you have made a big mistake and there is no way to fix it. Just let it go. And if you’ve done everything you can, accept what happened, learn from your mistakes and move on.


In general, there are many good tips to help you become a potential candidate through a neat and scientific resume writing. Above are 6 pitfalls that will create a bad impression when you first contact your employer. Note that writing a resume should be considered as a serious and professional process.

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