Exposure – Single to Double Exposure

in on August 20, 2018

What is Double Exposure Effect?

Double Exposure is a technique where 2 images are overlapping each other to create an interesting and unique effect. It is often called multiple exposure effect where 2 or more photographs are overlapped. This technique comes from DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera and it is used by photographers for several years. Recently it is becoming more and more popular because graphic designers are loving this kind of photo effects and spreading them a lot.

The effect looks like one or two images are sitting on a base image and creates a ghost or foggy type of effect. This brings a uniqueness to an image and now several methods and techniques out there for everyone to create double exposure effect easily.

We also have a different kind of version of the double exposure effect. “Exposure” is just like another double exposure PSD file which you can open in Photoshop or Affinity program. But the difference is that you can create double exposure effect with a single image only. It allows you to do more fun with your beautiful images. Sometimes you may have confused for mixing 2 photographs. Suppose you have an image of yours and you want to apply another image on top of that. But you are not sure which one to choose or how it will look like.

Well, we build this free Photoshop PSD file for you that allows you to make a double exposure effect from a single photograph only. First, it duplicates your image then it flips and rotates that image to apply some color separations. And then you can choose turn on and off several layer groups to add additional color tone on your final image. Replacing your image is ridiculously easy. Just double click on the thumbnail of the smart object, and then place your image there, save it, you are done.


  • 1 PSD File
  • 1 Help File
  • 1 Read Me File

The product is free, spread the happiness with your friends via social media or emails. Make your double exposure effects with a single image. If you face any problem, just shoot us a line or two! Good Luck!!

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