10 Things Recruiters See On Your Resume +10 Templates

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A resume is the piece of paper you take at an interview and which is meant to reflect in a clear and convincing way that you are the best-suited candidate for a particular job. While there are many ways you can structure the document, one emerges as the most likely to attract the employer’s attention. A minimalist resume will make you stand out because it conveys essential information in a fast and easy to comprehend manner.

The biggest challenge of our days is processing vast amounts of data and formulating a correct conclusion. When it comes to recruiting, companies have expanded their pool of selection, making the job more difficult for those entrusted with selecting the winning candidate. Recruiters simply do not have enough time to go through all sections of an application, and would, therefore, focus solely on the critical skills and experience required. While an elaborate, unique design might make a resume stand out, it can also distract attention from the essential.

When they first look at your resume, recruiters tend to identify the governing hierarchy of it. Attention is also invested in the order you chose for work experience of instances of education. Design is crucial because it can work in your favorite and be congruent with the message you want to send. In the next section, you will find 10 reasons that explain why you need a neat & clean resume.

1. It is Easier to Read and Requires Less Focus

A minimal approach resume is easier to read and requires less attention from the interviewer. That means that more time will be allocated to dialogue, a pivotal element for a successful bid in any professional field. Recruiters can act distracted at the end of a busy day, so a resume that requires less energy to focus can actually stand out. One or two pages are often enough as bigger documents appear discouraging to anyone at first.

Free Resume Template by Tamzid Hasan

One of the highest selling resume template designer Tamzid Hasan made this resume about a few years ago. He knows how to layout attractive resume and put the right things in front of a recruiter. This resume includes 1 resume, 1 cover letter and a business card both front and back sides. This is fully editable Photoshop PSD file in international A4 size.


2. It Does Not Distract From The Essential

As stated before, the trend regarding information is to make it as easy to comprehend as possible. When it comes to a resume, key elements should pop out and not be stranded in a vast expanse of redundant data that is not relevant for the questions an interviewer might have. Resumes that do not attempt to distract from the essential tend to be perceived as more sincere and thus access improved chances of success for their candidates.

Best Job Resume Format with Business Card

Not only a minimal resume but also a colorful one with portfolio image option. This is great for who want to show some work or project images as a portfolio. This is a PSD, Doc and Docx format resume. You can download the PSD file free by clicking the title link above and the Microsoft Doc, Docx version can be purchased from Alamin Mir’s website resummme.com


3. It Does Not Make The Candidate Look Desperate

One of the biggest mistakes made by candidates is to assume that more is better. Yes, when it comes to work experience, volume can indeed suggest a superior candidate, but that should not reflect in the size of the resume. The effect gained is opposite to the one expected. Candidates that invest time assembling extensive narratives appear as desperate and can be penalized for attempting to mislead.

Free Minimalistic and Clean Resume Template

Another great looking clean & minimalistic resume from Mats-Peter Forss, The creator of CreativeBooster. You can personalize this with a horizontal photograph (as like as facebook cover photo) that describe your personality. This free resume also includes a cover letter.


4. It is Easier to Go Through on a Second Look

Minimalism is expected from a resume because it allows easier processing on a second or third occasion. Candidates often go through multiple levels of interviews, and their resume might be checked and compared with those belonging to other candidates. Recruiters always appreciate the document formatting that makes their job easier, and a minimal look does exactly that.

Free Modern Resume Format

Saptarshi Nath from Behance made this resume for people to get their dream job easily. He has given the design file to Graphiorra to serve the resume template. This PSD template allows you to change the background color easily and it is designed professionally to get hired easily.


5. It is Simpler to Update and Maintain

A clean resume is also easier to update. Such an advantage can be significant for professionals that keep on adding new elements or further perfect their skills. Targeting multiple job interviews is also made much easier by having a neat & clean resume that is easily updatable. Every professional will eventually have to update his/her resume, and a minimal approach can act as a reminder that only the essential needs to be stated.

Free Minimal Resume From Łukasz Jakubik

If you have Corel Draw, then you can use this template to express yourself. Also, Adobe Illustrator can open .cdr files so don’t worry if you have Illustrator only. This clean & modern style will influence your recruiters to hire you. Thanks to Łukasz Jakubik for his amazing work.


6. It is Easier to Check and Correct

A minimal resume is easier to check and correct. Spelling and grammar mistakes are a big turn off for any recruiter. Although minor, they tend to reflect that the candidate is either superficial, either he/she did not invest a decent amount of time to prepare for the interview. Errors are human, but an interview is not the optimal venue for focusing on such a topic. Aspiring employees should try to make their image as perfect as possible, and minimal look resume will help them achieve exactly that.

Resume Freebie from Dzunh Le

Another ultra minimal & clean resume template. This one page resume PSD is pretty much neat and soothing for eyes. It has the ability to quickly scan to know what’s your skill. Thanks to Dzunh Le for this beautiful resume.


7. It Cherishes Excellence

Excellence is best perceived when it comes in small quantities and is isolated from its mediocre context. That is why a resume meant to weigh the excellence of a candidate must trim down on work experience or education until the very best is left behind. Having a clean resume is like making a close-up of a mountain peak while ignoring the hills and other lowlands nearby. Professional recruiters do not have to be reminded that they exist.

Simple Illustrator Resume Template

You need Adobe Illustrator to edit this template. Very useful, straight and minimal layout that will reflect your professionalism. Nikita Gulak from Moscow did a great design for who want to express themselves at the interview board with a good looking resume.


8. It Looks Modern and Professional

A resume that is neat & clean benefits from what most people perceive as modern and professional. Nowadays more and more interfaces are used on a daily basis and the increased number of functions, options, and buttons can make one look discouraging. A resume is an interface between a company and its future employees and it needs to be as easy to handle as possible. That means fewer subtitles, fewer information positioned outside the normal flow, and less distracting elements that hold no real value.

A Great and Useful Resume Templates Free

Rafael Resume Preview

This one is from ourselves. Crafted with details and minimalism. One single page to impress your interviers with confidence. It has 5 different file formats such ai, eps, docx, psd and pdf. The free version contains the Adobe Illustrator format.


9. It Focuses on the Present and Future

By trimming down on details like past experiences and older forms of education, a candidate appears more anchored into the present and best prepared for his/her place in the new company. A fresh resume does not have to dig deep into the past and retrieve elements that are irrelevant for the current targeted position. Letting go of previous projects to focus on the new ones also transmit the recruiter the fact that the candidate is eager to focus on its current capabilities.

Free Creative Resume/CV Template – Paul Rubens

Maxim did a cleanest job in this resume design. It is pure straight forward resume with some beautiful yellow highlights. You can download the file from Gumroad for free. All you need to do is put ‘0’ in the price box and click ‘I Want This’ button. And btw, after getting the job don’t forget to pay a good tip for his resume design; just kidding!


10. It Can be Used to Link to an External Portfolio

In some professional fields, resumes tend to be more extended to include samples from one’s portfolio. That need is taken care off in a modern and simple to use way if the document is structured to highlight projects using external links. Whether it is a website or a real-life project, an external reference works great to offer the minimal look desired for a resume.

Luiza’s Free Resume/CV Template

Luiza Ahisheva presents a good, creative & different looking resume psd template for all of us. A black & white combination will catch your recruiter’s eye easily. Thanks to her for making this beautiful resume available for free.



As competition is getting tougher, having a fresh resume able to stand out from tens of other becomes a vital strategy for landing a high-end job. We hope you enjoyed exploring the 10 reasons why you need to start thinking about re-designing your resume so that it meets the new expectations of modern recruiters.

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